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on 1/14/17
So far, I have used Cinco Tire & Automotive for all of our oil changes and inspections and have been very happy with their services. When I would walk in, the wait time was never too bad. This time I made an appointment early in the am so I wouldn't have to wait as long, but then I noticed that they didn't even touch my car until 20 minutes after I arrived. Sort of defeats the purpose of making an appointment. I'll definitely still use them, but I won't be making appointments any more.
on 1/6/17
Good , friendly and professional services.
on 1/4/17
The team was friendly, the price was very fair and the service was timely. We left the car to have new tires installed on it, they called 2 hours later that the car was ready to go.
on 1/3/17
Customer service wa wonderful and courteous
on 12/22/16
I was not sure whether my car needed four new tires or not. The manager inspected the tires, and I was told that only two front tires were needed to be replaced. I was grateful that he was honest enough to tell me that so that I did not have to spend extra money! The price of Goodyear tires was reasonable. I also requested the front end alignment. The service was prompt, and my car now runs beautifully with the new tires. Thank you!